The electronic caliper for calculation of pigs carcass lean meat proportion.

The method for calculation of pigs carcass lean meat proportion (LMP) shown In figure 1.

x1= fat depth in mm in point G - thinnest part above gluteus medius (including skin)

x2= thickness of the muscle in mm in point M - the shortest distance from the glutaeus medius front (cranial) end (cranial

- towards the skull) to the upper spinal canal (dorsal) edge


LMP could be calculated when input measured x1 and x2 in special Slaughterhouse computer program (Program). Than formula shown below can be used This Program.

LMP=61,689-0,658x1 + 0,109x2

Operator have to input x1 (G) and x2 (M) in special cells In Program. Therefore volumes of measures could bu imputed using electronic caliper with wireless connection. Caliper is fitted no computer via Blue-tooth connection what is very common in Slaughterhouse working conditions.

Electronic Caliper:

Taking measures of x1 and x2 with fitted electronic caliper is very simply. Caliper have no any wire. Therefore Program operator can go to divided pig carcass in every slaughterhouse place. Operation also is very simple. When first dimension (G) is measured operator must push Measures key one time. Second dimension (M) could be measured same – pushing on measure key second time. For preventing of mistakes caliper show measured fat depth and thickness of the muscle on led screen shown on upper picture.

Program check mathematically double (wrong) pushing on measures key and wrong (an real) dimensions inputting. Caliper is equipped with mm-inches switcher and Origin key which set Zero on led screen starting job. The electronic bloc for Blue-tooth connection is mounted on back side of caliper. When this connection is established once operator must only push Switch “On” caliper and push on Measures key following instruction shown above in this text.

After receiving of data (x1,x2) Program make calculations and automatic classification according following table:

Group of classification

LMP (lean meat proportion.)




=>55 and <60


=>50 and <55


=>45 and<50


=>40 and<45



This data also is writing in Program data base automatically.


November 2012